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How To Make The Most Of Google For Nonprofits

Google is the most popular Internet search engine today. Every day, every minute, hundreds of thousands of Internet users use Google to find out the information they need. In total, there are over a trillion searches per year, and the number is undoubtedly growing. Based on these statistics, nonprofits are becoming more interested in getting […]

Should Your CEO Serve as a Board Member?

By law, the interests of a nonprofit organization must take precedence over a director’s personal and business interests. There is often a debate as to whether a CEO can also be a board member? There is no clear answer to this question. If the CEO has been hired by the company and is paid for […]

How to Have a Great Board Meeting

A board meeting is a very important procedure, at least in theory, because most meetings go unproductive due to frequent mistakes and confusing processes. If you want to change that, this article is just for you. The success of a meeting depends on many nuances, cooperation, actions, and clear order. The best way to build […]