How To Make The Most Of Google For Nonprofits

Google is the most popular Internet search engine today. Every day, every minute, hundreds of thousands of Internet users use Google to find out the information they need. In total, there are over a trillion searches per year, and the number is undoubtedly growing. Based on these statistics, nonprofits are becoming more interested in getting as much value out of the platform as possible. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how they can do that.

What role does Google play for nonprofits?

Google is an internet search engine available in over 65 countries and is a unique source of different solutions, products, services, and information. That’s why they help nonprofits with marketing, finding and connecting with potential donors, keeping in touch with existing donors, and finding grant programs. With Google, you can tell a large audience about your organization and find the right solution to improve your management of staff, communications, and funding.

To get started with Google, all a nonprofit needs to do is read the rules of engagement and sign up. After confirming your participation, all of the network’s tools and resources will be available to you.

Benefits of Google for a nonprofit organization

Nonprofits that work with Google are provided with tools such as:

  • Google Workspace
  • Google ads
  • Google Business
  • YouthTube for business and more

It’s worth noting that many services are free to them. However, once registered, the nonprofit expects bonuses from discounts on most paid tools. Below, we’ll highlight the benefits of some particularly useful Google solutions for nonprofits.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace connects your team and gets them up and running, ensuring constant communication, regardless of where the team members are. The main features this solution provides are:

    • Gmail – use google email to share important information with your team, volunteers, or donors
    • Calendar – Google Calendar allows you to mark required dates and synchronize all events, schedules, fundraisers, etc., for your team so that everyone can log in and find the information they need
    • Google Meeting – allows you to hold virtual meetings, presentations, or fundraising events. Up to 100 participants can join in live. You can enable screen recording, share the screen, and send invitations with a one-time code
    • Google Forms – allow you to share various forms, surveys, and quizzes with users who have been allowed to edit documents. With their help, you can easily get answers to your questions

Google Business

Google Business is a free and necessary measure that will allow your nonprofit to advertise your business when users type nonprofits nearby into a search engine. You can post your contact information in this account and mark it on Google Maps. You can also edit your page by updating your organization’s history and letting people know about your results.

Google ad grants

Google gives you a unique opportunity to advertise your nonprofit organization for free. Google gives you up to $10,000 to do this, allowing you to get enough clients faster. As a result, your organization information will be displayed at the top when people from your area search for such information. So, your page will get many different views and possibly even donations.